The 2 minute beach clean belongs to everyone. But it originated in the UK during the winter of 2013 /14.

About the #2minutebeachclean

The #2minutebeachclean is run by The Beach Clean Network Limited a not for profit organisation that was set up in 2009 by Martin Dorey and Tab Parry to encourage beach cleaning.

However the #2minutebeachclean didn’t come about until the winter of 13/14 after a series of brutal North Atlantic storms left beaches all over the UK littered with marine plastics. Using twitter and Instagram to try to inspire others, Martin came up with the idea of doing just 2 minutes at a time – but every time - and began using the hashtag. Since then many thousands of hashtagged posts have appeared on Instagram and Twitter from every continent.

The #2minutebeachclean campaign is funded by profits from sales / sponsorship of beach clean stations (we take about 5-10% of each one for our admin costs), from small grants (we have received 2, totalling £1250) and profits from sales of merchandise.

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Martin Dorey

Martin Dorey


Martin is a writer, surfer and beach lover. He also presented a BBC TV show called One Man and his Campervan. He lives in Bude, Cornwall, just a short hop from Crooklets Beach.

“After 20 years living in the South West of the UK I have been able to see just how bad the marine litter problem is becoming. I wanted to do something to make a genuine difference and hoped that the #2minutebeachclean might inspire others to join environmental groups, join in with organised cleans and make beach cleaning part of their daily routine.”



Social media

Dolly is a force of nature - full of energy, unstoppable, unforgettable. She lives in beautiful Clovelly in North Devon and is mum to 5 kids, granny to two and mother to the whole #2minutebeachclean family. She runs the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. When she’s not doing that she explores the south west with partner David in their little white campervan. Give them a wave

Tab Parry

Tab Parry

Creative Director

Tab is one of the directors of the Beach Clean Network and has been since 2009. She is a graphic designer with a great eye for colour and an knack for making things look wonderful. She designed the #2minutebeachclean brand and beach clean stations. She lives in North Devon with smiling partner Ben and two riotously overexcited boys. Tab is a saint. She likes shoes.


Alan Beech

King of Web and Widgets

Alan is a camper van owning family man, partner to Hannah, Dad to Jasmine, Harry, Alfie, Daisy and owner to Mollie and Corby the family dogs. He’s also our IT genius and has been beavering away in the background making widgets and maps and all sorts to make the #2minutebeachclean campaign tick. Alan grew up in Wells, Somerset and now lives near Burnham-on-Sea. He writes internal web applications and mobile apps for companies as a contractor and thinks that computers are easier to deal with than large crowds of people, which is why you’ll find him and his family at small festivals in their V-Dub this summer. Give him a wave.

Nicky Green

Nicky Green

Shop, Boards & Accounts

Nicky has been working alongside Martin at the Beach Clean Network HQ for 8 years. She has recently taken on the role as shop manager and looks after all board orders. She also takes care of all of the accounts and administration, ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Nicky lives in North Devon with her husband Graham (a surfer, of course) and her own two mini beach clean mermaids. She adores the beach and loves to run (and sing) and sometimes she does both at the same time - so listen out!