We work with partners who share our vision of operating in a clean, healthy and ethical world, particularly when it comes to corporates and businesses.

However, we realise that no business is perfect and that there is always room for improvement. As such we are open to developing working relationships with businesses who genuinely want to change and need our help to do so. Our activism, knowledge and experience mean we are in a very good position to help companies make these positive changes.



Surfdome provide support for the #2minutebeachlcean movement and have helped us to get our message out there since the early days. They sponsored our original batch of trial beach clean boards, have added out hashtags to their (plastic-free) packaging and help us out is all kinds of unseen ways. Without Surfdome’s constant support and consultation the campaign wouldn’t be where it is today

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We love Fjӓllrӓven! In 2019 we applied for a grant with the company through their Arctic Fox initiative to cover a trial for our Guardian Angel Scheme. They loved the idea so much that they decided to fund the whole thing in the South West of the UK for a year. This was a VERY BIG THING for us as it is the first major chunk of funding we’ve had that covers something we’ve wanted to do for a few years. The grant funds more stations on beaches that need them, a team of volunteer Guardian Angels and helps us to recycle beach litter. As sponsors go, we couldn’t ask for more. Their clothes are lush too!!!