Support our project each and every day

Join our 365 team

One of the key ambitions of our campaign is to encourage beach goers to pick up each and every time they visit the beach. So we have introduced our 365 scheme to allow partners to support us throughout the year. Your support could help us to place another beach clean board, pay a visit to a school or produce materials and information to encourage more people to join our campaign or recycle more of their beach finds.

In return we’ll add you to our list of sponsors, will tweet the hell out of the great stuff you do and generally make you look great!

£365.00 - or just £1 per day - will help us to place and maintain a beach clean board

£3,650.00 - or just £10 per day – will provide beach clean boards in new locations, will help us develop materials and pay for schools visits

£36,500.00 – or just £100 per day – will allow us to inspire a new generation, provide lots of new beach clean boards and build a sustainable global campaign